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Convergent Linux


The Convergent Linux Solution
Convergent Linux Platform
Convergent Linux Datasheet (PDF | 876 KB)

The Convergent Linux Solution

a la Mobile solves the challenges facing Linux in Mobile Handsets by providing a fully integrated and complete Linux based software stack, integrated with a la Mobile's innovative technologies designed to bring the handset to market quickly by enabling the entire binary software stack to move directly across handset models. This integrated solution decreases software fragmentation and enables increased testing and quality assurance support. With the Convergent Linux Platform, a la Mobile provides a complete range of support and services necessary to take a manufacturer from initial design concept through testing and validation to product shipment.

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Convergent Linux Platform for Mobile Handsets

Convergent Linux Platform

To meet the demands of handset manufacturers, service providers and the expectations of consumers, a la Mobile has integrated the very best technology in the marketplace to satisfy the requirements for a complete handset platform.

Embedded Linux 2.6 Kernel

Convergent Linux Platform is based on an a la Mobile modified 2.6 Linux kernel. This kernel includes Linux Kernel real-time and power management modifications as well as integration with a la Mobile's Hardware Mobility Engine OS Portability Technology.

Hardware Mobility Engine™

In order to significantly reduce time-to-market and decrease software fragmentation, a la Mobile has developed the Hardware Mobility Engine (HME). Much like a personal computer's BIOS, the HME integrates the necessary low-level device driver functionality into a sophisticated and robust booting system designed to mate with an appropriately instrumented operating system. Using the HME, a manufacturer can field a single binary image of the operating system and application suite across its entire handset family.

Hardware Mobility Engine (HME)

Firmware Over the Air Update

As operating systems and application suites become more complex the industry is demanding over-the-air updates of the software in a handset. To meet this requirement, a la Mobile has integrated Redbend Software's vCurrent Mobile Handset Update suite into Convergent Linux Platform. Redbend provides the most comprehensive low-bandwidth, power-cycle safe FOTA solution on the market. Redbend has been deployed in a wide variety of handsets and counts among its customers: BenQ, LG Electronics, Sony-Ericsson & Sharp. In addition, Redbend easily integrates with the critical OMA Device Management standard.

Mobile Radio Integration

Integrating with an underlying radio software is among the most complex operating system and application integration tasks. HelloSoft is a company whose product lines includes a complete L1, L2 & L3 GSM radio software stack and integrates with the well-supported AT Command set for application communication. This software has been integrated into the Convergent Linux platform.

Other radio technologies that are supported include: Saskind, SkyMobile, and TTPCom.

Network Mobility Engine™

With broadband coming to the airwaves and fixed-mobile convergence becoming a reality, the ability to transparently switch between VOIP networks quickly is a necessity. a la Mobile has unique, patent-pending, technology, the Network Mobility Engine™ (NME), to provide transparent call hand-off to SIP managed call sessions. The NME requires no integration with the application, only the operating system.

Trolltech Graphics Subsystem

Today's handsets are completely reliant on high quality graphics and today's operating system platform must support a high performance Graphical User Interface Framework. To this end, the Convergent Linux Platform supports Trolltech's QTopia application framework and UI. Trolltech is the most broadly supported Linux Graphical UI framework in the embedded market today.

Web 2.0 Browser

The mobile web has been growing in importance since the early WAP days. An important and necessary component of any offering is a complete browser environment. In addition to the requirement to support the existing WAP-based technologies, it is important to support emerging WEB 2.0 technologies that will inevitably be used by content developers in the future. AJAX is certain to become a critical mobile authoring platform.

For this reason, Convergent Linux integrates with the most popular mobile browsers, featuring the Obigo mobile browser.

Java™ ME

The only application technology that is deployed as widely as WAP is Java. Java, far more capable than any browser technology, has been deployed on over 1 billion handsets to date and will certainly remain a necessary component of any mobile Platform.

The Convergent Linux platform is capable of integrating an appropriate Java™ platform, whether it's the broadly deployed JTWI platform or the upcoming Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) Platform currently being defined in the Java Community Process.

Adobe Flash

Integrating a collection of tools used by the design community, Flash technology is now being deployed for mobile content. To support this growing content, the Convergent Linux Platform integrates a Flash player into the stack.

Obigo Applications

To complete a handset platform, an integrated set of applications is necessary. These include Messaging and Media Management Applications.

We have chosen to integrate the Obigo set of applications because of its advanced user interface design concepts and the completeness of the offering. In addition to the application set, included are a digital rights management and multimedia subsystem.

PhoneTop & Dialer

Of course the most used function in any mobile handset is the phone dialer. This must integrate with the rest of the platform in a seamless fashion. We have augmented the Convergent Linux Platform with the Trolltech phone top and phone dialer.

Platform Configuration Tools

While it is important for the platform to be complete, it is equally important that manufacturers and operators be enabled to differentiate their offering by augmenting or replacing individual components of the platform.

The Convergent Linux Platform was conceived as a set of components that are integrated to manufacturers' specifications into a complete platform. Facilitating this is the Hardware Mobility Engine™ and its platform configuration tool chain.

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